Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Round-Up Please - Work

It has been alright so far with constant meetings, hectic schedules and demanding deadlines. Well at least some of it is due to involved parties who are somehow rather precise or just being their own vain self.

Remember my post on the flag, it is finally up and it took about 14 manpower and 4 hours to complete such task. Here are some pics that I took before my handphone battery ran out.

The flag stretched out about 10 feet before any ropes or hooks were placed.

Workers insert pvc pipes into the top part of the flag to act as a backbone.

The 'backbone' acts as solid tool for the ropes to cling on rather than having a torn flag after a windy weather.

Every possible area were to be tied tightly.

And the flag is finally up.

Actually I have the flag picture without the trees blocking but then again nothing special about it. You can just imagine how good was the teamwork among them, is like a row of fisherman pulling their net out from the sea with one voice. This kind of team spirit do blend well among my colleagues however certain higher ranking ones have their own kind of territory and personal backstabbing agendas.

Soooo drama......

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


How cruel is the golden rule,
When the lives we lived are only golden-plated,
And I knew that the lights of the city were too heavy for me,
Though I carried karats for everyone to see.

And I saw God cry in the reflection of my enemies,
And all the lovers with no time for me,
And all of the mothers raise their babies,
To stay away from me.

Tongues on the sockets of electric dreams,
Where the sewage of youth drown the spark of my teens.

~Fall Out Boy~


My past weekend was kind of sucky with flu, coughs and headaches. Thanks to the miracle of air-conditioners or the air we breath in is currently full with unwanted germs. Stayed home watching Astro, playing WoW, eating rice dish of all types (Chicken Rice, USA Fried Rice, Claypot Chicken Rice....uhhh way way too dangerous) and sleep...duh!.

Woke up on Monday morning and unsure of going to work...then came a sudden rush of thoughts...work related...questions arises...uncertainties..no appointments and all ends up with me walking to the toilet like a zombie.

Arrived at work and receive an email from my supervisor to install the 'giant' Malaysian flag on the wall of the S* building facing the highway. I was like "WTF! No official letter and suddenly got instructed to install the thing a.s.a.p".

The grand boss sends email to big boss, he forwards the email with a note to small boss, I receive the chain email from small boss with note. Grand boss got 'jumpy' just because a sibling rival organisation has already place a giant flag on their office building. Myself being a cautious and concern employee of a well known organisation, I tried calling the related external organisation/dept to avoid being 'saman'.

No one picked up the phone which is the Customer Service line. The next 30 minutes I tried calling the same number and again the same response. Third time was no charm either and I was like "Gawd! Why go* service lines are always like this?". I couldn't get any answer as time runs short or was it the constant queries from grand boss secretary "When will it be up?". Finally I called the general line and surprisingly someone picked up the phone but transfered me to the wrong unit. Oh well...at least someone picked up the phone..right ^_^.

Got my answers and it was okay to put up the flag and hopefully all will be done within this week. There were other things that created havoc that day and yet 'nice' things did happen at the same time. Let it not be told as it is kinda complicated and yet....I could have been a 'player' but I didn't due to the fact that I was brought up in a respected family? Maybe.

Have you played Frogger before? A nice game with whole lots of patience needed. Well at least the frog jumps to cross and reach a destination. We have actual real life people 'jumping' on stewpid reasons. This is sooooo unnecessary and yet it really happens everywhere..lol.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

This has been said so many times that I'm not sure if it matters,
But it must be said again that all us boys are just screaming,
Into microphones for attention,
Because we're just so bored.

We never knew that you would pick it apart,
I'm falling apart to songs about hips and hearts.

I know this hurts, it was meant to,
Your secret's out and the best part is it isn't even a good one,
And it's mind over you don't, don't matter.

~Fall Out Boy~

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today I found out certain things which I am quite happy even it was a brief moment. A good timing indeed to lift my spirits up with the coming deadlines. Deadlines given to me which is soo tough to handle unless I'm an 'Energizer Bunny'.


Manage to complete a long winding email thats related with a maintenance contract renewal. The details from objective, background, cost, service, consumable items and frequency. After a thorough review and 'spelling check', sent it to the Finance Department head honcho for endorsement. And the reply I got was a "golden question" which I couldn't answer since my cubicle 'neighbour' is on-leave. Aduhai....

She answered my email and I felt something has brighten my day. We chit chat non-stop via email until I had to stop the 'magical' flow. If not no work will be completed up till lunch time.


Brought myself only jambu batu and a glass of teh 'o' ais limau while the rest ate rice with some local dishes. Zam was so intense with badminton that we decided to form a group called "PBU". The initials for Persatuan Badminton Underground....hahaha.

While waiting for the work hour to start, I had a friendly match of darts with S*'s top single players which represents the organisation during state tournaments and MOF games. I'm surprised at myself to be able to cope with their skills on "running" and "checking". Thanks to their confidence for putting me in the S* team for MAKSWIP. It was an eye opener event for an 'underdog' like myself ^_^.


Pack-up things for HR since they're have an education fair at UIA, Gombak the next three days. I was suppose to follow the HR team to set-up booth but I rather stay in office to complete my 'important' projects. During my tea-break at the cafe, she was there and i couldn't stop smiling to myself...her looks is darn cute!!.

At my cubicle, emailed her about having such cuteness like a cat and she backfired me on why must she be similiar to an animal. Answered everything and asked her a 'good' question that ends up with an 'excellent' reply....yahoo!! I told my bestest buddies about the good news and they all gave me good blessings...sounds like a 'holy' thing plak..

Apa-apa pun I am still single ^_^......curious?

Monday, July 28, 2008


What I'm really trying hard to get down to words,
Is the way I fit into this world,
Things I survived pushed me to the darker side.

Because of the life as it was,
The life that was yours,
Should've been mine,
But I never could take anymore of this.

'Cause I'm always gonna get,
Gonna get down to the floor,
It's a cold gun that I kiss,
'Cause I cannot break anymore.


Afro Gunso

Life has been treating me normal these days. Let's put it this way:

  • The 'underdog' manage to defeat 'otais' in a state dart tournament however loss to 'newbies' in company's inter-house dart game..uwekkkk!

  • Thanks to my WoW addiction, I'm able to save lots of money by not buying mangas or anime boxsets as often as I usually do....oil price!

  • I wonder why my friends (girls) are actually someone's girlfriend, fiancee, wife or mother....very dangerous!

  • The girls that I like always ends up loving someone else and there is someone who likes me but I'm unable to reply that same feeling...sooo karma!

  • Chances are always infront of my eyes but destiny kept me from reaching that moment...ouch!

  • For the first time in my life, I actually notice a specific month in this year where everyone I know has its own break-up moment...whats going on!

  • I'm always a low profile guy but always ends up in a high profile group/gang...chunn!!!

  • Someone that I know posted my comments/answers related with love and friendship in her blog...no comment =P

  • I'm trying to improve my life bit by bit......self awareness!

  • I have not blog for a long time and suddenly I'm posting this post thanks to that certain someone....wachaa!

  • Thanks to Skype I am able to converse with my aussie/kiwi friends while battling evil minions in WoW...what! I can't hear you!

  • My entertainment essentials are all under Sony (PSP, Playstation, Mp3 Player and etc)....all i got is a point system card..erk!

The list can go on but lets make it up to here.^_^

My younger brother on his first salary brought 'Sergeant Keroro' boxsets as part of his stress relieve method. This is an anime which is fill with laughter, cuteness, stupidity, sadness, love and last but not least...frogs.

Yes I do admit that I'm hooked with space invaders that are frogs with different talents and skills. Sadly the leader is waaaay bit 'slow' yet has the same hobby as myself from Gundams to Mangas...Hahaha...

Ehem! Afro Gunso! Afro Gunso!...hmmm the bachelor life of me..

Monday, June 30, 2008


I never really wanted you to see,
The screwed up side of me that I keep,
Locked inside of me so deep,
It always seems to get to me.

I never really wanted you to go,
So many things you should have known,
I guess for me theres just no hope.

I never meant to be so cold


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blado Donato

*Don't read this post if you can't stand gory pictures..hahaha*

This morning I had a short meeting with the creche supervisor and my big boss. We discussed on certain issues and no headaches were created later. What a relieve!

Blood Donation day today at the S* and as usual I will bring out my little red book from the deep corners of my drawer. This book has a record of how often I donate blood to the 'Tabung Darah Negara' and I've never brought out this book from my workplace. And most of the donation happens in the S* itself.

Went to the Exhibition Hall to check out the crowd and saw Syeda, Farah and Jo (lying down ready to donate her life..er..I mean blood). I've thought of asking Syeda to donate blood the same time with me but then again I was too late..lol. I knew if I were to go through the screening procedure they will tell me to take breakfast first and come back in 20 minutes. I haven't had any meal so as expected I went to 'tapau' my breakfast and ate at my cubicle.

Emailed Syeda to tell her my intentions this morning, to my surprise she herself need to take breakfast and come back later for the blood donation. We agreed to meet up at the hall at about 10.21 am.

It was time to donate and as I arrive Syeda was already in the queue of people waiting to donate their life..I mean blood. Register was easy as stated below:

  1. Fill up the form and a card (the card is only for first timers or without the red book). I myself am a regular doner so no card for me.

  2. First step of screening, they will check your blood type by making a very tiny miny wound to the flat surface on one of your fingers. Just a fast and short pinch with an antiseptic needle. Don't worry about the pain, is a short moment and you don't need to scream actually..hahaha. They will press the finger to bring out a lil blood so that they take it via some tool and do some test. I found out from my colleague who organizes the donation drive that if the blood drop sinks in the blue liquid at a fast rate it means no donation for the person today. This blue liquid is contained in a transparent container located just next to the tester guy. Asked my colleague why and her answer was "Dunno"...

  3. Next would be the blood pressure, if its too high they will tell you to take a rest for 10-20 minutes and come back later. Mine was a bit high and they doctor gave me a 'green light' to proceed.

  4. Now the data entry part, the lady behind the laptop silently types in information as I pass her my form. The only words she said was "Sila teruskan"....

  5. Ermm..I think i may have make this post too long so lets make it short.

  6. Sat on chair, fold up sleeve, check for blood veins, apply 'cool' liquid with cotton, insert needle and the blood flows.

Completed the donation procedure and the nurse ask me whether I have any headaches and I said no. The nurse beside her asks her if I'm alright since I look pale. So to make certain I won't faint they arrange my sitting position that my legs were facing upwards while I rest.

As usual they will put a plaster on my wound and advice me to have some refreshments (standard procedure I presume). I have been donating blood for five times in S* since 2004 and I've never had a minor experience of paleness, sitting with leg upwards a bit and a 'lebam' at my arm. Hehehe wanna see the pic after I pulled out the plaster....

A - Is the spot where they put the needle.

B - The 'lebam' which will be gone in 2 weeks or less

And the end of it all, theres nothing to be worth worrying about. No death's, no screams, no yelling...and whatever you can think of can happen during a blood donation session. The doctors and workers are professional at what they do and they will know if you are eligible to be a donor. Last advice is of course to never ever...ever...ever lie to yourself when filing up the form.

Careless mistakes you might take it lightly but puts a heavy burden on the blood receiver.